Picnic baskets and wine accessories

Picnic Baskets & Wine Gifts

Picnic Baskets

Picnic Baskets are essential! No matter how big or small your picnic may be, you will need a picnic basket to hold your food, picnic accessories, condiments, and picnic supplies. The picnic basket with its compartments for unbreakable dishes, a special area of the picnci basket set aside for “eating tools” and other utensils, is always a welcome piece of picnic equipment. Attractive and serviceable picnic baskets can be purchased; you can make a picnic basket of which you can be truly proud, but why? Our picnic baskets have thermo lined food storage areas for safety and keeping your picnic foods fresh. In any case, picnic serving tools and pans can usually be secured at a very small expense. Let us try to always keep our picnic baskets and picnic equipment together so that on the day of the picnic only the food will have to be packed. An empty drawer set aside for picnic basket equipment is another aid in getting things together for the “spur of the moment” picnic outing.

If food for the picnic is to be prepared at home, and then carried in a picnic basket, the following items are suggested permanent picnic baskets: plates, non breakable cups, cutting knives, large and small forks, teaspoons, tablespoons, can and or bottle opener, and storage for salt, pepper, sugar, margarine, dressings, cocoa, tea, coffee, and the like. If you don’t want to turn your picnic into a job, nothing will help more in keeping it away than paper plates, plastic cups, disposable tablecloths, paper napkins, and paper towels. They make cleaning-up very easy.


Easy to give Wine Gifts: Give the gift of wine, with a wine carrier or wine backpack.